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The West Australian Participant Pool (WAPP)is the home of volunteers aged 50 and over who help researchers understand emotional and mental changes in ageing.

We are interested in studying normal ageing for several reasons. We believe that if we understand the ageing process better we may be able to assist older adults in living independently for longer, as well as lead to a general understanding of the human mind.

For example, we look at responses to emotions and emotional situations as we age and how memory changes with age. Since some research suggests that not all mental functions decline with age we are interested in finding the ones which might not decline, decline less, or improve with age. We also believe that a greater understanding of normal, healthy ageing will help in the early diagnosis of diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.

Thus the research we do aims to increase our knowledge of the mind, but most importantly it aims to determine how getting older affects people in their day to day lives, and how we can maintain independent functioning in older adults in practical ways.

To learn more about joining our pool of volunteers and helping us understand healthy ageing, read the information sheet.


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