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Regan Housley


Start date

Mar 2012

Submission date

Jul 2016


Regan Housley

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The Objectified Self(ie): Reproduction of Internalised Sociocultural Body Ideals via the Visual Presentation of Self on Facebook


Currently completing a PhD research project that aims to establish how young women use social media to supplement and complement their offline world, with particular regard to objectification, body image and self-esteem concerns.

Why my research is important

As social networking sites become more and more integrated into the everyday lives of people it is important to understand the influence they have. For young women they may represent another source of social pressure to conform to a socially idealised self. Therefore this research improves understandings of the lived experience of the online world. This has applications in both parenting and educational settings as we grapple with how to protect and enrich online experiences.


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