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Anu Bharadwaj

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 1453


Start date

Feb 2016

Submission date

Feb 2020

Anu Bharadwaj

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An investigation of moral disengagement at work through the lens of work design


Unethical behaviour is widely prevalent in the workplace and can have huge financial implications for organisations. Moral disengagement is a rationalisation process that has been identified as a key antecedent of unethical behaviour and is influenced by a number of organisational factors. A core organisational factor that influences employees’ work experiences and behaviours is work design. My research aims to investigate whether one’s work design (e.g., degree of autonomy, perceived impact of one’s job, workload) will influence the likelihood of moral disengagement at work. Previous research also shows that that employee moral disengagement is influenced by individual differences and therefore, my research will examine the moderating role of personality in the relationship between work design and moral disengagement.

Why my research is important

This research contributes to scholars’ ongoing efforts to understand the organisational factors affecting moral disengagement at work, which will help in the design of effective interventions for unethical behaviour. Work design is a powerful organisational intervention strategy that could be invaluable in addressing the incidence of unethical behaviours at work.


  • University Postgraduate Award
  • Raine Study PhD Top-Up Scholarship


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