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Ee Pin Chang

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Memory Updating in Depression - Removal Deficit and the Continued Influence Effect of Misinformation


Depression is associated with repetitive and recurring negative thoughts, also known as rumination. Research suggests that this is due to an impairment in updating of information in working memory. However, the nature of this impairment is not clear. To investigate the potential memory updating impairments in depression, we will employ two memory updating tasks using valenced materials: (1) a novel removal task which measures the time required for removal of information from working memory, and (2) a misinformation paradigm that involves the presentation and subsequent retraction of a piece of critical information, reflecting memory updating in a real-world context.

Why my research is important

The research will advance our understanding of the nature of memory updating impairments in depression and has potential implications for the design and development of intervention strategies for therapy.


  • Australian Postgraduate Award (2014-2017)
  • UWA Top-Up Scholarship (2014-2017)


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