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Melissa Louise Pearce

Phone: (+61 4) 0995 7228

Start date

Mar 2011

Submission date

Mar 2014

Melissa Louise Pearce


Minimizing the disruptive effects of prospective memory in simulated air traffic control


The current aim of this research is to examine the personality and cognitive factors that influence performance in air traffic control simulations. The study involves completing an air traffic control simulation task on an individual PC. The ATC simulation is called ATC-lab Advanced, which is basically like an ATC video game. The simulations involve completion of a subset of tasks that air traffic controllers perform, such as accepting and handing off aircraft, detecting conflicts, issuing descent clearance. The possible influence of personality factors and trust in automated aids will also be examined.

Why my research is important

Forgetting to perform an intended action can result in deadly consequences, particularly in fields such as medicine and aviation. Examining the reasons for forgetting to perform an action and how we can minimize the disruptive effects of prospective memory is therefore very important.


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