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Khan Collins

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Feb 2014

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Feb 2018


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Khan Collins

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Beyond the interpersonal-psychological theory of suicidal behaviour: An experimental investigation into the use of acute resilience to mitigate risk for suicidality


This research will use a novel experimental analogue task to manipulate some of the key variables of the interpersonal-psychological theory of suicide (Joiner, 2005) and examine their effect on self-reported desire to quit, a proxy measure for the desire to drop out of life. More specifically, this research focuses on perceived burdensomeness, the sense that one is unable to contribute to the lives of close others and is therefore a burden on them, and thwarted belongingness, the sense that one is lacking meaningful interpersonal connections. This experimental paradigm is the first to enable causal inferences concerning these key risk factors and their purported effects on suicidal desire. In addition, several resilience factors will be manipulated in order to establish the utility of acute resilience (as opposed to preexisting individual differences in resilience) in buffering the overall likelihood of suicidality in the face of heightened risk. The resilience factors examined include zest for life, mindfulness, meaning in life, and hope for the future.

Why my research is important

This research has implications for clinical risk assessment protocols and for therapeutic interventions targeting an increase in acute resilience and a corresponding reduction in risk for suicidal behaviour.


  • Prescott Postgraduate Scholarship


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