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Keely Bebbington

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 8065

Start date

Mar 2010

Submission date

Mar 2014

Keely Bebbington

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Exploring patterns of negativity in the communication of information for anxious individuals.


The social transmission of information involves the production and reproduction of information across a series of individuals in a transmission chain. The way in which a message evolves as it is passed from person to person has been explored experimentally in a number of studies focussed on memory, the maintenance of cultural stereotypes and the evolution of language. These studies have reported a number of general findings. Firstly, much of the detail of the original message, available at the outset of these transmission chains, is degraded, with certain information being systematically omitted. Importantly, other elements are given precedence, being maintained and even amplified across subsequent iterations. The current program of research aims to investigate the contribution of anxiety to the way in which a message unfolds across transmission chains.

Why my research is important

Understanding the way anxiety influences the transmission of information (and particularly threatening information) has a number of implications, including furthering our understanding of how anxiety may develop in children.


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