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Kale Dyer

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Start date

Feb 2007

Submission date

Jan 2013

Kale Dyer

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Monitoring and Feedback of Well-Being and Symptoms in a Psychiatric Clinic


Outcome assessment refers to the practice of scheduled assessment of the putative effects of mental health interventions. Traditionally utilised methodologies in outcome assessment are limited in a number of ways including focusing primarily on symptoms. Patient-focused research which was designed to provide specific information, relevant to individuals in treatment will be the methodology utilised throughout the project. This methodology will be used to implement and evaluate the use of a feedback regime on psychiatric patients. This will be done using treatment trajectories from separate well-being and symptom measures. In addition to this the treatment trajectories from well-being and symptoms will be used to test the 3-phase model of psychotherapy (Howard et al., 1993) in a psychiatric clinic.

Why my research is important

Research into the process and prediction of change during psychotherapy can provide mental health professionals with additional information about patients. Specifically, information about patients who are not experiencing expected amelioration of psychological distress resulting from therapeutic interventions.


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