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Julian Basanovic

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 7171

Start date

Mar 2011

Submission date

Mar 2016

Julian Basanovic


Can anxiety linked deficiencies in attentional control account for attentional bias in trait anxiety?


Current cognitive theories of anxiety posit that heightened anxiety vulnerability is characterised by anomalies in attentional processing. It is known that high anxious persons have a propensity to focus attentional resources on negative information more so than non-anxious persons. It is also known that high anxious persons exhibit deficient control of attentional resources unrelated to the presence of negative information. However the exact relationship between these two anomalies is unknown, the understanding of which has both theoretical and practical applications. The proposed project will aim to develop a series of novel tasks capable of determining whether anxiety related attentional bias for negative information is a manifestation of anxiety related deficiencies in attentional control, or whether the two attentional anomalies are orthogonal constructs.

Why my research is important

The relationship between attentional control and attentional bias within trait anxiety yields theoretical and practical implications for the understanding and treatment of anxiety symptoms.


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