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Jason Sharbanee

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Start date

Mar 2008

Submission date

Mar 2013

Jason Sharbanee

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Cognitive Processes Underlying the Inability to Regulate Alcohol Consumption


My research focuses on how alcohol-related biases in information processing relate to alcohol-use problems and vulnerability for alcohol-use problems. In particular, my research has focused on how alcohol-related biases in selective attention and action tendencies interact with peoples working memory capacity in determining vulnerability to addictive behaviour.

An additional line of research investigates using cognitive bias modification procedures to examine the causal contribution of the information processing biases to alcohol related problems, and to investigate the potential treatment utility of these procedures.

Why my research is important

This research is contributing to understanding the aetiology of addictive behaviours, and why these behaviours are so difficult to overcome. The research may also contribute to the development of new treatment strategies that are capable of targeting, and changing, the specific information processing biases that underlie addictive behaviour.


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