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Briony Swire-Thompson

Phone: (+61 4) 3995 5135

Start date

Feb 2013

Submission date

Apr 2017

Briony Swire-Thompson

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The Correction of Misinformation


My research addresses what drives belief in inaccurate information, why certain individuals are predisposed to refrain from belief change even in the face of good corrective evidence, and how corrections can be designed to maximize impact.

My thesis will consist of six experiments and two papers; the first paper investigates familiarity’s hindrance on corrective information in younger and older adults, and the second investigates the impact of source credibility on the correction of political misinformation.

Why my research is important

It has become a societal norm that the media and the internet provide vast quantities of information, placing the onus on the individual to sort fact from fiction. However, individuals have limited time, cognitive resources, or motivation to understand complex topics such as scientific findings or political developments, and misconceptions are commonplace. The ability to effectively correct misinformation has real-world implications in areas as disparate as education, health, and the economy.


  • University of Western Australia Postgraduate Award
  • Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarship


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