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Ben Grafton

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 2690


Start date

Feb 2010

Submission date

Ben Grafton


The attentional basis of emotional vulnerability and emotional well-being


The aims of my thesis are twofold: 1) to further delineate the patterns of selective attentional processing that characterise individual differences in emotional vulnerability and emotional well-being; and 2) to determine the causal nature of the association between each such processing bias and emotional disposition.

Why my research is important

By developing a firmer understanding of the attentional mechanisms that underpin variation in emotional disposition, this research will contribute to our efforts to more effectively remediate emotional dysfunction. In particular, it will inform the development of new computer-based intervention (cognitive bias modification) procedures that are designed to directly alter the patterns of selective attentional processing that operate to functionally maintain such emotional dysfunction.


  • Australian Postgraduate Award


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