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Adelln Sng

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Feb 2010

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Adelln Sng


How do clients and therapists respond to feedback on progress in psychotherapy? Identifying moderators and mediators of feedback response through experimental and applied approaches.


Extensive research has been done in other fields to investigate factors that affect how people respond to feedback. Distilling some of these factors from the literature, our research aims to identify the relevant and important variables underlying feedback response in psychotherapeutic settings. Current research questions include whether client variables such as self-esteem moderate response to feedback, and what styles of feedback presentation would be rated by therapists as most helpful for their clients. Data for the studies will be gathered from two sources: 1) Perth Clinic, a private psychiatric hospital in West Perth; and 2) through experiments conducted with undergraduate students at the School of Psychology. The latter provides opportunities for observing variables of interest which may not have been feasible within the hospital setting.

Why my research is important

Providing feedback to clients and therapists about progress in psychotherapy has been shown to be effective in improving treatment outcomes. However, this feedback effect is limited, and a substantial proportion of clients still fail to attain a satisfactory outcome at the end of therapy. The absence of a theoretical feedback model that is applicable to clinical settings also limits attempts to augment the effectiveness of the feedback process. My research aims to contribute to the development of such a feedback model by identifying person- and feedback-related factors which influence how clients and therapists respond to feedback. Findings may also provide therapists with recommendations of how feedback can be tailored to each individual client in order to maximize treatment outcomes.


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