School of Psychology

UWA collaboration with the Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre


The goal of this collaboration is to apply knowledge from psychological constructs and theories on decision making, cognitive and community behaviours to behaviour by residents of bushfire prone communities, and to develop ways to reduce the risk posed by bushfires.

Research overview

Our research focuses on three main topics, each with a different level of analysis:

  • Communities project: At the top level we investigate the role of community-level factors in predicting community resilience to bushfires and individual preparedness behaviours.
  • Communications project: At the middle level we investigate the impact of communications, such as leaflets about preparedness and warnings during an actual fire, on individual levels of preparedness and behaviour during actual bushfire emergencies.
  • Cognitive dispositions project: At the bottom level we investigate how dispositional factors related to the experience of bushfire threat might impact on the tendency to prepare for bushfires and the ability of individuals to cope during bushfire emergencies.