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The fundamentals of modern scientific psychology were taught at the University of Western Australia from its first year of operation in 1913, although it was largely a matter of luck.

When the Senate was making its crucial policy decisions in 1912, Mental and Moral Philosophy, within which scientific psychology was to find its first home, did not rate very highly.

It was chosen as one of the initial disciplines by a margin of only one vote [1] and not surprisingly was not considered worthy of a foundation Chair. But from small beginnings it has grown, as the city of Perth and the University themselves have grown.

In 1913 the population of Perth was 121,000. By 1988 it was 1,118,772. From a staff of eight Professors and four Lecturers In Charge, and a student intake of 184 when its doors opened in 1913, the University grew and by 1988 had a staff of 603 whose status was of Lecturer or above (75 of them Professors) and a total enrollment of 9695 students.[2]

What follows is a brief account of the people and the circumstances contributing to the growth and development of Psychology at UWA during this 75-year period.

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