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Community Research Participation Pool

The School of Psychology, at The University of Western Australia, runs many research studies that require the assistance of volunteers from our community. These studies are quite diverse, are generally interesting to take part in, and serve to advance understanding of the ways we think, feel and behave across a variety of contexts.


This research can only be carried out successfully with the support of volunteers, and the UWA School of Psychology Community Participant Pool is made up of Western Australians who are willing to consider taking part in some of this work. Members of this Community Participant Pool are informed about our studies, and can freely choose whether or not they wish to take part in any of them.  In most cases, participation involves only one visit to UWA, lasting about an hour, though sometimes a study may require more than one visit, or can be completed on-line without coming to campus. We provide a small token of appreciation, in the form of $10 per hour, to offset cost and inconvenience.


If you would like to find out more about the UWA School of Psychology Community Participant Pool, then you can access further information using the following link


We hope you will consider enrolling in the UWA School of Psychology Community Participant Pool, and we would greatly welcome your help in progressing knowledge and understanding.


Please read the attached information sheet and consent form. The information and consent information are also available at the aforementioned website.


Ethics Approval Number RA/4/1/6865



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