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The Robin Winkler Clinic is a clinical psychology unit linked to the School of Psychological Science at The University of Western Australia. Under the expert supervision of experienced clinical psychologists, provisionally registered postgraduate clinical psychology trainees carry out individual and group therapy treatment.

For further information on our Psychological Services, please refer to our brochure.

Psychological treatment

The Robin Winkler Clinic provides psychological treatment for people with a wide range of difficulties.  We have people of all ages and backgrounds using our services. Some of the issues we treat include depression, anxiety, relationship problems, sleeping disorders, anger, emotional disruptions, stress, eating disturbances, weight problems, substance abuse, smoking cessation, injection phobia, social anxiety, behavioural problems in children, and many other conditions associated with psychological distress.


The cost of the first assessment appointment is $35 and following therapy appointments are $30. Fees must be paid on the day. 

Clients may self-refer or be referred by their GP.

Paediatric and adult neuropsychological assessment

Children and adults with known or suspected cognitive, attentional or learning difficulties resulting from trauma, disease or genetic conditions can be referred for a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment at the Robin Winkler Clinic.

The assessment will be done by postgraduate clinical neuropsychology trainees who are trained in understanding how the brain works and how it affects our behaviour, thinking, and personality. All trainees are provisionally registered psychologists who work under the expert supervision of clinical neuropsychologists.

Specific skills will be assessed using a wide range of activities. These skills include concentration, memory, language, and problem solving. Some of the ways these are tested include answering questions, remembering certain information and writing things down. The neuropsychological assessment does not involve a medical check up, nor a psychiatric assessment.

We do not conduct formal autism spectrum disorder assessments or assessments for legal purposes.

Fees and further information

The cost of a neuropsychological assessment is $320 which includes a full report. The initial and follow up appointments are $35.

For further information please download our referral guide.


Call the Robin Winkler Clinic on 6488 2644 if you feel we can assist you. We can then send you additional information that includes forms that need to be filled out and sent back before we arrange your first session.

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