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ABI-RECOVER Research Programme

ABI-RECOVER Research Programme


The Acquired Brain Injury: Recovery, Engagement, and Community Outcomes Via Evidence-based Rehabilitation (ABI-Recover) project represents a collaboration between the Brightwater Care Group and the University of WA (School of Psychology).

The research team is investigating how thinking skills such as memory influence our ability to make a simple cup of tea, or manage more complex tasks such as taking medications. We are seeking adults aged 18-70 to participate in a study looking at the relationship between thinking skills and everyday life functioning following a brain injury.

This study investigates a range of skills such as memory and problem solving, as well as looking at everyday functioning across a number of areas including accessing the broader community, work, study, and leisure activities.

This research will hopefully allow for a better understanding of prognosis following brain injury in adults, as well as provide information as to what skills are most important for everyday functioning and in what areas of a person’s life. This study is generously supported by Brightwater through the Brightwater Lyn Beazley Scholarship.

The work is being led by University of Western Australia Masters of Clinical Neuropsychology / PhD Candidates, Fiona Allanson and Yong Yeo, under the supervision of Dr Michael Weinborn, A/Prof Carmela Pestell and A/Prof Romola Bucks (Clinical Neuropsychologists). The team will be comparing results with those from clients at Brightwater Care Group’s Oats Street rehabilitation facility in East Victoria Park. 

As part of this research, we are assessing both people with and without brain injuries. If you, or someone you know, would be interested in participating or would like more information, please phone the Robin Winkler Clinic on (08) 6488 2644 or contact Fiona at or (08) 6488 1420."


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